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MisdiagnosisNHSOther Medical Negligence falling

Falls due to failure to perform or implement a falls risk assessment

According to guidance issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, anyone aged 65 who presents for medical attention because of a fall, or reports recurrent falls in the past year, or demonstrates abnormalities of gait or balance should be offered a multifactorial falls risk assessment by their healthcare provider.

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MisdiagnosisNHSSurgery hip replacement

Claiming compensation for a wrongly sized prosthetic hip replacement

Around 65,000 hip replacement procedures were carried out in UK hospitals in 2020, according to National Joint Registry statistics.
Most of these proceeded without incident, granting those operated on a new lease of life. Mistakes, however, are sometimes made, with patients being fitted with the wrong sized prosthetic hip replacement being a particular worry.

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MisdiagnosisNHSScan/x-ray mistakeSurgery x-ray mistake

What can I do if a medical professional failed to x-ray my stab wound which led to a retained foreign body being missed?

A stab wound sounds dramatic and serious, and one would think that any stab wound victim would automatically receive an x-ray to discover the extent of internal damage. In a busy accident and emergency department, a stab wound that appears superficial may not get the level of examination you might expect.

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