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When you have been subject to a medical injury, it can be an emotional and upsetting time. Here at Negligence Claimline our friendly team are here to help you claim against the NHS or private surgery to get you the compensation you deserve when you need it the most.

While healthcare services aim to treat patients properly, things do go wrong, and hospital malpractice does happen. It is estimated that 10% of hospital inpatient admissions result in an adverse event, but less than 2% of NHS negligence claims result in court action.

Medical Negligence Experts

The specialist solicitors working with Negligence Claimline all provide their services on a no win no fee basis and our team are experienced in dealing with medical malpractice in all aspects of medical negligence. Clinical negligence can happen anywhere that a medical professional is looking after your health and wellbeing, whether it is at a GP surgery, dentist, optician, hospital or care home.

Medical professionals have a duty of care to look after you, but occasionally the help you receive can fall below the standard we expect. When this happens, and you have received a medical injury or been subject to clinical negligence, then you may have the right to make medical injury claims or medical malpractice claims.

In the last year, NHS Resolution received 10,673 new clinical negligence claims and paid out a total of £1,632 million in damages to patients. Here at Negligence Claimline, we specialise in no win no fee medical negligence as we believe that if you have been subject to hospital malpractice, you should receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Been subject to a medical injury that could have been avoided
  • Received a delayed diagnosis that has resulted in fatality of life-changing injuries, such as a cancer delayed diagnosis
  • Received a hospital misdiagnosis or GP misdiagnosis, such as a misdiagnosed fracture, misdiagnosed diabetes or misdiagnosed sepsis
  • Had their treatment delayed because of a hospital misdiagnosis or GP misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Been subject to cosmetic surgery negligence or cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong
  • Lost income and been unable to work because of medical negligence
  • Made a complaint to a health service and still waiting for answers
  • Received incorrect or poor medical treatment or advice from a healthcare professional

How To Make A Medical Negligence Claim

To make a medical negligence claim you must have suffered a medical injury, and you must claim within limitation. This means you must make your medical malpractice claims within a certain amount of time; you can find out more about these time limits with our handy guide.

Sometimes when things go wrong, an apology is enough, but when medical malpractice has led to life-changing events, then medical compensation is likely to be the only solution to get your life back on track. At Negligence Claimline, we understand the frustration and devastation that medical negligence can cause to everyone involved, and we are here to help.

Medical Negligence Advice

We can put you in touch with one of our solicitors for medical negligence for free to discuss your no win no fee medical negligence claim. You are under no obligation to take the advice of the NHS negligence solicitor or to progress your claim against NHS any further if you don’t want to.

We make sure you are always in complete control and have a network of specialised solicitors on hand to give you advice. If you need misdiagnosis solicitors, birth injury solicitors or cosmetic surgery solicitors we can help.

All our solicitors for medical negligence work on a no win no fee medical negligence basis, which means if you don’t win your claims against NHS then you won’t pay any solicitor’s fees. We are on hand to discuss all the options available to you and advise you how best to fund your medical injury claims should you wish to proceed. For independent advice on making medical malpractice claims visit Citizens Advice.

Contact our medical negligence solicitors today by completing our online form, call us on 0330 355 9210 or email for a free medical injury claim assessment.