There are times when you might doubt the diagnosis you’ve been given and when you’ve been given it. Medical misdiagnosis does happen and the consequences can be life-changing.
  • Test results were not interpreted correctly
  • The medical practitioner failed to examine you properly
  • You were not referred to a specialist in a timely manner
  • The time to diagnose you was unnecessarily delayed

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What is a misdiagnosis claim?

Medical misdiagnosis has many different forms but some of the most common we see are:
  • A serious illness is allowed to progress unchecked or without being correctly identified
  • Wrong medication is prescribed due to the misdiagnosis of the condition. This could result in a worsening or prolonging of your ailment
  • Test results are misinterpreted or not properly assessed
  • Inadequate consideration is given to alternative or differential diagnoses
  • There is a failure to interpret test results correctly
  • Your treatment is delayed because of misdiagnosis so your condition gets worse
  • Misdiagnosis in pregnancy related cases can result in damage to the mother and to the unborn baby particularly in relation to a failure to recognise early signs of infection

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