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  • Baby dies because midwives lack basic maths skills
    A 42-year-old mother had to suffer the loss of a healthy baby, due to the lack of basic arithmetic by her midwives. A report has found that several opportunities to identify Mrs Clarkson’s age were missed by staff at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Father of dead baby asked if he wanted “to put him in the fridge”
    A catalogue of failings by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has been highlighted by the parents of a dead baby. John and Emma Quinn are still waiting for answers following the death of their full-term baby, Ryan.
  • Man wins seven-year fight to prove medical negligence
    A man has won a seven-year fight to get a hospital to admit to medical negligence, following the death of his wife. Alison Taylor, 29, died just 16 days after giving birth to her daughter from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis, known as DVT, in one of her legs caused by her pregnancy.
  • Teenager sues hospital for negligence during his birth
    The teenager, who suffers from cerebral palsy, is suing Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Trust, through his mother. His mother says her son was born severely disabled following a series of medical blunders during his birth.

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  • Half of women experience a red flag event during their maternity care
    The Women’s Institute and the NCT have surveyed around 2,500 women about their experience of maternity care between 2014 and 2016. The report found that 50% of the women had experienced a red flag event identified by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).