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  • Diabetes
    Misdiagnosis of type or lack of care plans
  • Diabetes Medication Errors
    There are several types of diabetes, all of which require different management techniques. If you’ve suffered because of diabetes medical negligence, call upon our team of experts today.
  • Diabetic Amputation
    According to Diabetes UK, 135 amputations are carried out every week as a result of diabetes. Let us help you with your diabetic amputation claims.
  • Diabetic Complications
    Most of the complications experienced by diabetes sufferers can be lessened or avoided by appropriate action. Learn more about making complications with diabetes claims below.


Advice Centre

  • Diabetes and Care Planning
    Diabetes doesn’t have to limit your lifestyle if it’s managed effectively. As with many other long-term health conditions, if managed correctly you will be able to incorporate the necessary changes into your life. However, without proper management and self-care, diabetes can become a debilitating illness which can cause severe complications, lead to other long term health issues, and sometimes amputation and blindness.
  • Negligent Treatment of Diabetes FAQs
    Diabetes can be misdiagnosed, missed or not treated correctly leading to negligence. Find answers to FAQs about diabetes claims on this page.
  • What can go Wrong and Making a Claim for Diabetic Negligence
    In this guide we explain how diabetes can be misdiagnosed & treatment can be poorly managed, sometimes leading to clinical negligence claims.