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  • Death Of Mental Health Patient Avoidable
    The Sussex NHS trust issued an apology following the avoidable death of one of its patients.
  • Delayed life saving operation causes infant death
    A 20 month toddler had a heart attack due to a life saving operation being delayed for three days at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
  • Forceps Left Inside Patient
    Nine inch forceps left inside a patient were discovered 10 days after surgery was originally performed
  • Hundreds of baby deaths preventable with better care
    A report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists concluded, in 2015, of 1136 babies who died or suffered brain damage either straight after birth or during labour, 75% may have had a better outcome if given different care. Around one in two hundred babies are stillborn.
  • Maternity Errors Cost The NHS Record Payouts
    Official figures for compensation claims for 2016/2017 show that a record or more than £1.5bn was paid by NHS Resolution because of errors in childbirth.
  • National Archives reveals secret drugs trial on children
    The BBC have uncovered files that show the Home Office gave the go-ahead for experimental drug trials on children at two approved schools in the 1960s. The two schools were Richmond Hill Approved School in North Yorkshire and Springhead Park Approved School in West Yorkshire.
  • NHS medical negligence claims hit £1.4bn
    In just 8 years the cost of medical negligence claims has risen from £583m to more than £1.4bn. The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) handles the claims on behalf of the trusts. It says the rises are due to an increase in the number of claims and legal costs from claimants. The NHSLA told the BBC that it was trying to reduce the costs.
  • NHS Report Highlights Patients Dying Because of Poor Care
    One in three (33%) of NHS patients who need emergency oxygen treatment are dying due to the poor standard of care given to them, an NHS inquiry has found.
  • Patient left with dislocated jaw after operation
    In 2010 Amanda Walker was admitted to hospital following a miscarriage of twins. During surgery she suffered a dislocated jaw. Her injuries were caused by a medical mask that was keeping her airway open at Harrogate and District NHS foundation Trust Hospital.
  • Recent ruling could mean more claims for PTSD for family members of victims of Clinical Negligence
    A High Court ruling following an instance of medical negligence at Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust will allow family members who witness traumatic scenes in hospital and go on to suffer PTSD to claim clinical negligence compensation.
  • Risks of statins exaggerated, says new review
    Clinical Trial Service Unit at the University of Oxford looked at 10,000 patients taking an average of 40mg of statins a day, over a five-year period. Where possible they examined the evidence of any possible effects the medication was having on the patients.
  • Surgeon forgives NHS for father’s death
    Surgeon and medical director, Andrew Welch, has forgiven another NHS hospital for a mistake that led to his father’s death
  • Two patients die each day from starvation or thirst in hospitals and care homes
    Figures from the Office of National Statistics have found that in 2015 856 people died from hunger and thirst, whilst in care. The figures looked at those who died in care homes and hospitals. The Sun reported that malnutrition was mentioned on 297 death certifications and dehydration on 429, of those people who died in hospital.

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