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  • Accident & Emergency (A&E) Claims
    Accident and Emergency departments (A&E) are no doubt one of the busiest places in the hospital, meaning that mistakes can sometimes happen here. Learn more about A&E claims below.
  • Adrenal Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Though adrenal gland cancers are very rare, we can help you with your adrenal cancer misdiagnosis claim. Discover more by contacting us today.
  • Amputation
    Amputation of a body part can cause life-changing complications, which are sometimes avoidable. For details on amputation claims and compensation, get in touch.
  • Anaesthetic Treatments
    Permanent injuries after anaesthetic injections are quite rare. However, anaesthetic negligence is a thing and you should contact our team if you’re suffering because of it.
  • Bile Duct Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Bile duct cancer is rare and affects the tubes connecting the liver and small intestine. We can help you with your bile duct cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Bladder Cancer Misdiagnosis
    80% of bladder cancer is caught in its early stages. Are you one of the other 20%? Let us help you with your bladder cancer misdiagnosis claims.
  • Bladder, Bowel and Prostate
    Let us help with your urinary incontinence surgery claims. If your life has been turned upside down because of a healthcare professional, we can help.
  • Blood Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Many cancer sufferers are either incorrectly diagnosed or diagnosed at a late stage. Get in touch with our team for help with your blood cancer misdiagnosis claims.
  • Bone Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Primary or secondary bone cancer can be misdiagnosed. We can help you with your bone cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Bowel and Stomach Surgery
    You may be able to make a successful bowel or stomach surgery claim if something has gone because of negligence. See if you’re entitled to compensation by contacting our team.
  • Bowel Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Unfortunately with bowel cancer, the symptoms are often very difficult to detect and don't appear until it's in the later stages of the disease. We’re here to help with your bowel cancer misdiagnosis claims.
  • Brain Tumour Misdiagnosis
    A brain tumour is a group of cells which grows in an uncontrolled abnormal way. Turn to us for assistance with your brain tumour misdiagnosis claims.
  • Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis
    As the most common form of the disease, the warning signs are well known to most people. Let us help you with your breast cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Brow Lift
    According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs), brow lift surgery is rising each year. When it goes wrong, we can help you with your brow lift surgery claims.
  • Bunion Surgery
    Bunions are deformities of the joint of the big toe, which is why people want them surgically removed. If you’ve experienced bunion negligence and want more information on bunion surgery claims, contact us now.
  • C-Section Errors

    Some caesarean section errors can be caused because of neglect from a healthcare professional. Learn more about making C-section negligence claims today.

  • Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Cancer has to be diagnosed early and correctly for the best recovery chances. Let us help you with your cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Care Home Environment Injuries
    Care home injury claims are often made because of the lack of adequate staffing levels. This can lead the surroundings of a care home to become neglected and unsafe.
  • Care Home Food Preparation
    Lack of staffing levels may lead to claims against dehydration and malnutrition from care homes. Let our team help with your claims.
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome
    Cauda Equina syndrome misdiagnosis can cause serious harm as the condition is caused by the compression of a group of nerves at the lower part of the spinal cord. Make a claim for negligence today.
  • Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Inaccurate tests or misread results could mean you have suffered cervical cancer misdiagnosis. We can help you with your cervical cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Cosmetic Breast Surgery
    When cosmetic breast surgery goes wrong, the physical and emotional pain can cause distress. We can help with your breast surgery negligence claims.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Claims
    Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity. Let us help you with your cosmetic dentistry claims if you have suffered because of negligence.
  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Surgical and non-surgical

  • Dental Negligence
    Teeth, Gums, Jaw or cheeks and eye sockets
  • Dermal Filler
    Both temporary and permanent dermal fillers have risen in popularity over the years. For details on dermal filler negligence, contact us today.
  • Diabetes
    Misdiagnosis of type or lack of care plans
  • Diabetes Medication Errors
    There are several types of diabetes, all of which require different management techniques. If you’ve suffered because of diabetes medical negligence, call upon our team of experts today.
  • Diabetic Amputation
    According to Diabetes UK, 135 amputations are carried out every week as a result of diabetes. Let us help you with your diabetic amputation claims.
  • Diabetic Complications
    Most of the complications experienced by diabetes sufferers can be lessened or avoided by appropriate action. Learn more about making complications with diabetes claims below.
  • Erb's Palsy
    Has your child suffered because of Erb’s Palsy misdiagnosis? If so, get in touch and our team can help with your Erb’s Palsy claims.
  • Extended Delays in Treatment
    Delayed treatment claims and compensation are to do with treatments not being done in the recommended time frame. Contact us now to learn more.
  • Eye Surgery Claims
    Opticians, surgery or laser eye surgery
  • Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)
    The area around our eyes are really sensitive and sometimes this can cause complications in eyelid surgery.
  • Facelift and Neck Surgery
    Neck lifts and facelifts are often performed in conjunction with one another. Let us help with your facelift and neck surgery claims.
  • Failed Sterilisation
    Sterilisation is one way to ensure that you no longer conceive. Our team can help you with your failed sterilisation claims.
  • Fertility Negligence
    Going through fertility treatment can be an anxious time. For assistance with your fertility negligence claims, look no further than our experts.
  • Forceps or Vacuum Delivery Injuries

    One in eight forceps or vacuum (ventouse) baby deliveries are assisted, meaning instruments are used to aid delivery. Get in touch to claim for forceps or vacuum delivery injuries.

  • Gastric Band Surgery
    Gastric bands aid with weight loss, but sometimes the surgery may go wrong. Allow our team to help when making gastric band claims.
  • Genitalia Claims
    Let our team help with your genitalia negligence claims. Complications include nerve damage and mismanagement of conditions.
  • Gum Disease Claims
    Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease or gingivitis, should be detected and treated early by dentists. Let us help with your gum disease claims.
  • Head and Neck Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Head and neck cancer usually affects people over the age of 50. Get in touch with our experts for assistance with your head or neck cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Hip Replacement Negligence
    Hip surgery is often a result of arthritis, general wear and tear or a nasty fall. If you’ve suffered hip replacement negligence, get in touch today.
  • Hospital Acquired Infections
    Going into hospital is a worrying time for everyone, and the threat of infection only increases the stress. Let us help with your hospital infection claims.
  • Hospital Negligence Claims
    Complaints regarding hospital specialists
  • Infections and Stitches

    Infections after childbirth can be quite common, some of which are caused because of neglect from a healthcare professional. Let us assist you with your infection after birth claims.

  • Injuries to Baby
    There’s many reasons why a baby can be injured during childbirth, some of which are down to negligence. If you need help with your baby injury claims, turn to us.
  • Injuries to Mother
    There are a variety of injuries that can happen before, during and after the birth of your child, not all of them are eligible for compensation. Learn more about birth negligence by getting in touch.
  • Kidney Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Kidney cancer usually affects adults in their 60s and 70s. It rarely affects adults under 50. Let us help with your kidney cancer misdiagnosis claims.
  • Kidney Claims
    Kidneys are the organs which filter blood to dispose of waste products, so kidney negligence can be life changing. Let us help with your kidney medical claims.
  • Knee Replacements
    A knee replacement (arthroplasty) is a routine operation which is performed because parts of a knee have become damaged or worn. For more details on knee replacement claims and compensation, read below.
  • Laser Eye Surgery
    Laser eye surgery, sometimes known as laser refractive surgery, is most commonly used to correct eyesight. We can help with your laser eye surgery claims if it goes wrong.
  • Laser Treatment
    Lasers can be used to improve the appearance of birthmarks, moles, veins, pigmentation of the skin, and the removal of tattoos and excess hair. If you’ve experienced laser surgery negligence, give us a call.
  • Liposuction
    Liposuction removes fat cells from different parts of the body to alter your shape. We can help with your liposuction claims if the surgery goes wrong.
  • Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK, with NHS Choices saying 44,500 people are diagnosed each year. If you’ve been victim to lung cancer misdiagnosis, contact us now.
  • Medical Professionals
    GPs or specialist consultants
  • Medication Errors
    Medication errors happen every day in hospitals, pharmacies and even when they are prescribed by your GP. Learn more about medication negligence by getting in touch today.
  • Meningitis
    There are several types of meningitis and a delayed diagnosis of any of them can be fatal. Let us help you with your meningitis misdiagnosis claim.
  • Misdiagnosis
    Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of conditions
  • Mouth and Throat Cancer
    Oral cancer affects many people in the UK. Let us help you with your claim if you have suffered from mouth or throat cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Neglect by Staff
    Neglect by staff can cause serious, even life-threatening complications. For care home staff negligence claims, get in touch with our team of experts.
  • Nerve Damage

    The nervous system consists of three types of nerves that control your entire body. We can help with your nerve damage during childbirth claims.

  • Nerve Injury Claims
    Sometimes dental surgery can go wrong. If you need help with your dental nerve damage claim, look no further.
  • NHS
    Healthcare specialists in the NHS
  • Nose Job
    People have nose jobs (rhinoplasties) done to alter their appearance. For more information on nose job claims and compensation, get in touch with our team.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    During and later stages of pregnancy
  • Orthopaedic Negligence
    Bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves
  • Other Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Here is an overview of cancers not categorised in our main pages. If you’ve suffered because of a misdiagnosis of rare cancers, let our experts help.
  • Ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Ovarian cancer can be difficult to diagnose and symptoms often don't appear until a later stage. We can help you with your ovarian cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Pancreatic Cancer Misdiagnosis
    The early stages of pancreatic cancer don't cause any symptoms, making it very difficult to diagnose. We can help you with your pancreatic cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Placental Abruption

    Approximately 30% of all antepartum haemorrhages are classed as a medical emergency. For details on making placental abruption claims when something goes wrong, get in touch today.

  • Pre-Eclampsia

    The NHS state around 2% of pregnancies develop pre-eclampsia. For assistance with your pre-eclampsia misdiagnosis claims, look no further than our team.

  • Pregnancy & Birth

    Injuries to mum or baby<\p>

  • Pressure Sore Claims
    Pressure sores happen when a patient is left in one spot for too long, and healthcare professionals have a duty of care to ensure they don’t develop. Call us for help with your pressure sore claims.
  • Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Prostate cancer can develop very slowly, so there may be no signs that you have it until a year later. Let us help you with your prostate cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Sepsis
    Around 35,000 people in the UK die every year because of sepsis. Let us help with your sepsis and blood poising misdiagnosis claims.
  • Services
  • Skin Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Skin cancer, otherwise known as melanoma, can be treated very easily if caught early. Let us help you with your skin cancer misdiagnosis claim in the event that it isn’t.
  • Soft Tissue Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Often soft tissue cancers do not show any symptoms in their early stages, but as they grow symptoms start to appear. Let us help with your soft tissue cancer misdiagnosis claims.
  • Spinal Injuries
    Compensation claims are commonly made due to complications following surgery or failure to recognise the seriousness of a spinal injury. We can help with your spinal injury negligence claims.
  • Spinal Surgery Claims
    Nerve damage and paralysis
  • Stillbirth Claims
    Sometimes there is no reason why stillbirth happens, but there are other times when it can be prevented. Let our team of experts help with your stillbirth claims for compensation.
  • Stomach Cancer Misdiagnosis
    An un-common cancer in the UK, scientists think it could be avoided by a healthy lifestyle and diet. Let our team help with your stomach cancer misdiagnosis claim.
  • Stroke
    A stroke misdiagnosis can be life changing. Strokes interrupt the blood supply to the brain and we can help with your stroke claim if it was misdiagnosed or the diagnosis was delayed.
  • Surgery
    Mistakes during routine operations
  • Testicular Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Testicular cancer is a lesser common form of cancer usually affecting men between the ages of 15 and 49.
  • Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosis
    Thyroid cancer usually affects more women than men. For help with your thyroid cancer misdiagnosis claim, turn to our team.
  • Tummy Tuck
    Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat and skin from your waist to leave you with a flatter stomach. Get in touch for help with your tummy tuck claims.
  • Undiagnosed Bone Fractures

    Undiagnosed bone fractures are some of the most commonly missed injuries in A&E in England and Wales. Let us help you with making your claim.

  • Unnecessary Surgery
    Surgery malpractice can cover surgery anywhere on your body. Call us to make a claim against unnecessary surgery procedures.
  • Urology Negligence Claims
    Kidneys, urinary bladder, reproductive organs and ureters
  • Wrong Site Surgery
    Surgery on an incorrect body part


Advice Centre

  • Aneurysm Misdiagnosis
    A weakening in the wall of a vein causes a bulge which may rupture. That rupture results in internal bleeding
  • Avoidable Amputations
    Amputations are required for a whole host of reasons. Some are due to a negligent act but some are not.
  • Can I Make a Medical Negligence Claim for Misdiagnosis
    Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis are common clinical negligence cases accounting for over 10% of all claims made in 2014/15.
  • Can You Claim for Eye Surgery Complications
    While we’d like to say that every surgery is a success, that’s often not always the case. Most doctors take due diligence to ensure that each surgical procedure is performed to the best of their ability, but some have a lapse in judgement, resulting in a negligent surgical procedure that may cause life-changing ailments to the patient.
  • Can You Claim for Medical Misdiagnosis Against the NHS
    The impact of a medical mistake can be life-changing, as diseases and symptoms can worsen - beyond repair in some cases - as time goes on. A claim is made with the aim to return the individual to a similar standard of living. It also helps others, as it highlights lapses in judgement or organisational failures that would probably happen again if a claim wasn’t made. For those reasons, these claims are vital.
  • Can You Make a Negligence Claim for an Ectopic Pregnancy
    Most negligence cases involving ectopic pregnancy are related to delayed diagnosis or errors in treatment. In some cases, you can make a claim.
  • Children Feel More Positive About The Dentist Than Adults
    A trip to the dentist isn't most people's outing of choice. Yet according to statistics released by the European Journal of Dentistry, children feel much more positively towards the dentist than adults.
  • Diabetes and Care Planning
    Diabetes doesn’t have to limit your lifestyle if it’s managed effectively. As with many other long-term health conditions, if managed correctly you will be able to incorporate the necessary changes into your life. However, without proper management and self-care, diabetes can become a debilitating illness which can cause severe complications, lead to other long term health issues, and sometimes amputation and blindness.
  • Do I have Grounds to Make a Clinical Negligence Claim
    Negligence is established according to a three-part rule - a doctor will have to have failed in their duty of care & caused harm for a case to be legitimate.
  • Duties And Responsibilities Of A Medical Professional
    Any healthcare provider has a duty of care towards his or her patients and in previous years doctors, nurses and consultants each swore an oath called the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath was created by the Greek Physician Hippocrates and it dates back to the third and fifth century BC.
  • Epilepsy Misdiagnosis
    Epilepsy is a fairly common condition in the UK, which is surprising to many people when they first realise how prevalent it is. Approximately 1 in 100 people are affected by the condition, and more than 87 people are diagnosed with a variant of epilepsy every day.
  • Financing Medical Negligence Claims Against The NHS
    Making a claim against the NHS can feel daunting and brings up questions about who pays for the compensation you receive if you are successful.
  • Guide to a Babys Pregnancy and Birth Complications
    Guide to some of the common complications that may affect your baby during pregnancy and birth.
  • Guide to a Mums Pregnancy and Birth Complications
    Here is a comprehensive guide to complications a mum might encounter during pregnancy and labour.
  • Half of women experience a red flag event during their maternity care
    The Women’s Institute and the NCT have surveyed around 2,500 women about their experience of maternity care between 2014 and 2016. The report found that 50% of the women had experienced a red flag event identified by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).
  • Heart Attack Misdiagnosis
    It has been reported by the media that one in three heart attack cases are misdiagnosed
  • How Do I Fund my Medical Negligence Claim
    No win, no fee isn’t the only way you can fund your medical negligence claim. Find out what no win, no fee means & what the alternative funding options are.
  • How Do You Prove Medical Negligence Claims
    It can be really traumatic to be the victim of medical negligence. It's enough that things can go wrong and you're left with the negative effects - but, on top of that, you'll also need to prove that you have a case for a medical negligence claim.
  • How does Cancer Misdiagnosis Happen and Can you Make a Claim for it
    Misdiagnosis and late diagnosis of cancer is a major problem in current healthcare contributing significantly to the leading cause of avoidable death in 2014 in England and Wales.
  • How Does Claiming Against the NHS Work
    Find out the step-by-step process for making a clinical negligence claim against the NHS and what you need to do if you decide to make a claim for compensation.
  • How is Medical Negligence Compensation Calculated
    - Compensation is calculated by totalling up what are known as heads of loss - Heads of loss are different types of loss and harm caused by negligence - A head of loss could be the loss of a job or emotional suffering
  • How to Make a Complaint against the NHS
    Every NHS service is required to have a formal complaints procedure that patients can access. You can ask the service you have used for a copy of their complaints procedure.
  • How to Make a Medical Negligence Claim Against an Optician
    According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, 78% of people said that they’d least like to lose their sight. You wouldn’t be reading this article without your eyes, and many people don’t appreciate just how much they rely on sight in general. Negligence in this sector could have catastrophic consequences, resulting in compensation of more than £300,000 if blindness in both eyes occurs.
  • How We Assess Your Enquiry
    These are the steps we take when assessing the information you give us and decide whether you have a claim to investigate.
  • Key Statistics for Clinical Negligence Claims Against the NHS
    How many NHS claims are made in year, how much do they cost & what are the most expensive? Negligence Claimline explain key stats on this page.
  • Making a Claim for Cerebral Palsy Negligence
    Compensation for cerebral palsy claims can be considerable and can top up state benefits so you can give your child the best chance in life.
  • Medical negligence explained
    If you, or a loved one, have been injured because of negligent treatment by a medical professional, either in the NHS or privately, you may be able to claim compensation. It’s important that you get specialist legal help if you think you’ve suffered from clinical negligence as there are time limits on when you can claim.
  • Medical Negligence in the Hospital FAQs
    Read our frequently asked questions to find out what it is, how to report it, who you can claim against and more.
  • Medical Negligence: Misdiagnosis of cancer
    If you, or a loved one, have received sub-standard medical care, including a delay in diagnosis, treatment or referral, you may have grounds for a medical negligence claim for the misdiagnosis of cancer. If something goes wrong and your quality of life is severely affected as a result of misdiagnosis, you may be able to make a complaint or claim compensation.
  • Misdiagnosis FAQs
    Misdiagnosis is a common cause of negligence. Find out what ailments are frequently misdiagnosed, which diagnostic errors lead to compensation and much more in our FAQs.
  • Misdiagnosis of Brain Injury and Clinical Negligence Claims
    Sometimes referred to as the “hidden epidemic” brain injury is frequently underdiagnosed and sufferers can live with a condition for years.
  • Misdiagnosis of Mental Health Problems and Medical Negligence Claims
    Mental health problems can be very difficult to diagnose accurately. In this guide we cover which specific disorders are commonly misdiagnosed, and what you can do about it.
  • Misdiagnosis of Pulmonary Embolisms
    According to a study in the British Medical Journal of six General Practices covering more than 50,000 patients, it was found that of almost 130 patients who went to their GP with symptoms, just over 30 (26%) were classed as having a delayed diagnosis of 7 days or more. This could be due to medical negligence by a GP or hospital doctor. Pulmonary embolus cases are a common cause of hospital medical negligence claims and missed pulmonary embolus is a common cause of patients claiming against the NHS.
  • Misdiagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage
    A subarachnoid Haemorrhage or bleed on the brain is a type of stroke which is uncommon but a very serious medical condition, in some cases it can be fatal. The NHS choices website states that a subarachnoid Haemorrhage accounts for one in every twenty (5%) of all strokes in the UK.
  • Most Common Medical Complaints
    In 2017, the NHS received 208,400 written complaints. On average, this means that there were 571 written complaints sent every single day. There were 90,600 written complaints about primary care. 83% of the complaints relating to a service area were about GP surgeries while 14.6% covered dental practices.
  • Negligent Treatment of Diabetes FAQs
    Diabetes can be misdiagnosed, missed or not treated correctly leading to negligence. Find answers to FAQs about diabetes claims on this page.
  • Never events, what you should know
    NHS England have encouraged an honest and open approach to reporting. They ask staff to report all never event incidents on the Strategic Executive Information System (StEIS). The figures below are from the report compiled by NHS England for the period of 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016. The report was published in January 2017.
  • NHS Complaints Letter Sample Templates
    You can use these templates to put together your complaints letter to the NHS and take a look at the kind of response you can expect.
  • Perineal Tears and Episiotomies
    For most people getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the happiest times in their lives. Midwives will help you prepare a birth plan so you know what is happening, when it will happen and most importantly how you want it to happen. Unfortunately, this doesn't always go to plan.
  • Should You Make a Negligence Claim Against Your GP
    A GPs job is incredibly complex, often requiring the diagnosis of a multitude of illnesses in any given day. These can range from minor coughs and colds to extremely serious ailments that require immediate referral.
  • Stroke Misdiagnosis
    When it comes to strokes it’s important that diagnosis and treatment are quick. Where there is a delay in diagnosis, a misdiagnosis, or a delay in providing treatment, such as drugs to help tackle the blood clots, there could be grounds for a medical negligence claim.
  • The Risk of Lip Fillers
    Lip fillers are used to increase the volume of the lips, providing definition that many people find appealing. The effects of the treatment can be permanent, but the common types of treatment use temporary materials with effects lasting from 3 months to 2 years.
  • The second biggest killer in the UK is on the increase and you probably don't even know what it is
    Sepsis has now overtaken lung cancer in the amount of lives it takes, is getting worse in Western countries, and research shows people tend to underestimate how serious it is.
  • The Step by Step Process of Claiming Against the NHS
    The following article gives you a step-by-step guide on what happens when you decide to make a claim against the NHS for medical negligence.
  • The Top Five Common Dental Negligence Claims
    According to a Medical Protection Society study in 2017, clinical negligence claims against dentists in the UK have doubled within the last 10 years. In the 2016/2017 year, around 13,493 claims were made against UK dentists. 11 of those claims resulted in damages of more than £100,000.
  • Time Limits in Medical Negligence
    Generally you have three years from the point of negligence or from when you realised negligence occurred to make claim.
  • What are the most commonly missed bone fractures
    Research says that one in 100 people will break a bone every year in the UK and more than half of the 20 million people visiting A&E must have an x-ray. In 2002 the British Medical Journal published a study that showed junior doctors in A&E miss up to 39 per cent of fractures and clinically significant abnormalities on X-rays.
  • What can go Wrong and Making a Claim for Diabetic Negligence
    In this guide we explain how diabetes can be misdiagnosed & treatment can be poorly managed, sometimes leading to clinical negligence claims.
  • What Can Go Wrong During Surgery
    More than 740 ‘surgical incidents’ were recorded in 2015/2016, and some of these were due to medical negligence. These are incidents that occur because of a deviation from the accepted medical standard, usually at the fault of the surgeon or NHS trust.
  • What is a Medical Negligence Claim and What are Your Patient Rights
    When a medical practitioner has been negligent in their treatment, the patient can make a medical negligence claim and receive compensation (money) to make up for the harm caused. You always have a right to make a claim.
  • What is a Root Canal and What can go Wrong
    Find out what the proper root canal process should be, what the risks are and what can go wrong.
  • What is Cerebral Palsy
    CP is a neurological condition which can be caused by birth injuries and clinical negligence.
  • What is NHS Resolution
    A department in the NHS Deals with negligence claims made against the NHS in England Makes all payments of compensation
  • What is Wrongful Birth
    Is it Medical Negligence, How does it happen and can you get compensation? Wrongful birth is when a doctor fails to identify a genetic disability or illness that a baby has when in the womb, and so fails to tell the parents about the risk of disability or illness. It's a rare thing to happen, but if it does you may be able to make a claim for compensation.
  • What To Expect and What Can Go Wrong with Tooth Extraction
    From nerve injury, dry sockets or chipping teeth, things can go wrong during tooth extraction. On this page we tell you what should happen during your tooth extraction and what can go wrong.
  • When Should You Make a Claim Against an A and E Department
    As one of the busiest and most unpredictable parts of a hospital, the A&E department is a well-known area of medical care. We’ve all got an idea of how it works in our heads, as TV shows, movies and documentaries regularly display the successes and perils of working and visiting this department. However, the facts and figures give a true insight into what it's really like.