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Pregnancy & Birth

Introducing a new life into the world should be an exciting and happy time in your life, and everyone wants the birth of a baby to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, negligence at birth does happen and can lead to birth injuries and life-changing complications. 10% of all medical negligence claims made to the NHS are regarding obstetrics, and the number of maternity blunders within the NHS is still rising.

Birth Negligence

Birth negligence can lead to further complications, including stillbirth and cerebral palsy. If you have experienced negligence at birth, you could have the right to make a birth trauma claim. The number of cerebral palsy compensation claims and stillbirth compensation claims being made against the NHS is at a record high, and more than £1billion was paid out in damages last year.

Complications in the natural experience of childbirth can become very scary and exhausting and takes a real toll on both mum and baby. Birth negligence can have devastating consequences for the child, family and carers involved. If you have experienced difficulties and want to know more about birth trauma claims, you can contact our friendly team and see if we can help you to get the answers you deserve.

Birth Trauma

Our experienced team at Negligence Claimline understand how hard it can be to make birth trauma claims. Especially as you are adjusting to the life-changing effects that birth trauma and birth negligence can bring. With Negligence Claimline, all calls are completely confidential, and we can pass your cerebral palsy claims or stillbirth claims to our team of birth injury solicitors quickly. With this, we will ensure our calls work around your schedule and will do our utmost to make you feel comfortable.

Simply call us on 0330 355 9210 or complete our online form and a member our team will be in touch to talk through your situation or experience and offer free, friendly advice.

Birth Injuries To Baby

A lot of things can go wrong during childbirth, and not every medical injury is down to negligence at birth. Some injuries may be minor and heal quickly, such as swelling or bruising. In some cases, birth injuries can happen, and no one is at fault or to blame, such as difficult births due to a premature baby, large baby or even a breech delivery.

On the other hand, there are times where a doctor or midwife might have made a negligent decision that resulted in your baby being injured during birth. Before you can make birth trauma claims, you need to determine if medical negligence took place.

In 2015 there were 664,777 live births in England, and it is reported that every year 2,000 babies needlessly lose their lives during childbirth. The most common birth trauma claims that are made because of birth negligence are:

Cerebral Palsy Compensation

One of the most devastating results of negligence at birth is cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a condition that damages the section of the brain that controls muscles. It is caused mainly by damage to the brain before, during or immediately after birth, although there are other causes.

The damage to babies’ brains can often be caused by negligence at birth, and if your child has cerebral palsy, it will have a huge impact on your family’s daily life.

Cerebral palsy claims make up a huge amount of the £1.9 billion cost for clinical negligence in the last year. 48% of the value of clinical claims made to the NHS were for Obstetrics, and a large proportion of this is because of cerebral palsy compensation.

The medical costs for a child with cerebral palsy are roughly ten times higher than average and the total lifetime costs for a child with cerebral palsy is in excess of £1 million. Cerebral palsy compensation can help to assist you and your family to get on with your daily lives.

Birth Injuries to Mum

In addition to new born babies suffering medical injuries as a result of negligence at birth, mums can also be subject to injuries that could have been avoided. Some of the most common types of injuries to mums during childbirth include:

  •     Perineal trauma (excessive tearing)
  •     Mistakes during C-section which can result in bowel and bladder injuries
  •     Injuries caused by a forceps or vacuum delivery
  •     Medical injury caused by stitches and infections
  •     Missed diagnosis of placental abruption
  •     Medical misdiagnosis or delay of diagnosing of pre-eclampsia

These injuries caused by negligence at birth can be life threatening or life changing. If you have suffered any of these birth traumas, you could receive compensation that can help you on your road to recovery. Many mothers accept injuries during childbirth as part of the course because it is such a natural process, however, sometimes these injuries may have been avoidable and caused by medical negligence.

At Negligence Claimline, we understand that birth injuries are highly personal and emotional. If you want to find out more about making a claim for cerebral palsy compensation, stillbirth compensation or any birth negligence compensation then get in touch with our friendly team.

How Can We Help?

Here at Negligence Claimline, we can put you in touch with experienced birth injury solicitors. They will be able to discuss your birth trauma claims in more detail and give you advice on whether or not you have a claim for medical negligence compensation. In some cases, an apology is enough, but when negligence at birth has led to life-changing situations such as cerebral palsy, compensation is the only solution to help get your life back on track.


We specialise in putting you in contact with an expert birth injury solicitor, and our service is free of charge. You are under no obligation to take the advice your solicitor gives you, and you don’t need to progress your claim any further if you don’t want to.