Care Home Environment Injuries

Care home injury claims are often made because of the lack of adequate staffing levels. This can lead the surroundings of a care home to become neglected and unsafe.

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Care Home Environment Injuries

Unfortunately due to the lack of adequate staffing levels sometimes the surroundings in a care home can be neglected and quickly become unsafe.

There are often instances where patients have tripped and fallen, causing injuries such as fractures, cuts, grazing and bruising. Sometimes these falls or other injuries could have been avoided if the level of staffing had been adequate. In some instances patients have fallen and because of staffing levels, the patient hasn’t been found and helped for some time.

Where the elderly are involved, the quicker a person is found, the better they are likely to respond to appropriate treatment.

How can we help?

Negligence Claimline are specialists in compensation claims. We have helped many people make a claim for injuries sustained whilst in a care home due to faulty equipment, falls (including falls out of bed), slips and trips as well as neglect in a care home. For a compensation claim for neglect by staff to be pursued, there must be an injury caused by that neglect.

Here at Negligence Claimline our friendly team are here to help you get the support you need. Working with a panel of specialist medical negligence solicitors, we can assist you with your potential claim.

Sometimes an apology is enough, but in other cases compensation will be the only solution to help you get your life back on track.

Our service, putting you in contact with one of our expert panel members, is free and you are not obliged to take the advice the solicitor gives you, or to progress your claim any further if you do not wish.

Can I sue the NHS?

The NHS was created so that good healthcare should be available to all, and it is one of the country’s proudest achievements. However, if something goes wrong during your treatment you deserve answers and, where necessary, financial compensation.

We do not treat your claim lightly. The treatment you consider negligent must be considered unreasonable, irresponsible, and harmful.

However, when someone suffers an injury that impacts their live, or that of a loved one, then it is vital that the NHS has the procedures in place to both compensate the patient and learn from their mistakes.

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