Bunion Surgery

Bunions are deformities of the joint of the big toe, which is why people want them surgically removed. If you’ve experienced bunion negligence and want more information on bunion surgery claims, contact us now.

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Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a deformity of the joint of the big toe. Medically a bunion is called a Hallux Valgus.

Treatment to correct a bunion can be either surgical or non-surgical. Non-surgical treatment will not stop a bunion from getting worse. Surgery is the only way of rectifying the problem.

Surgically you may be offered:


Most commonly used procedure involves cutting and removing part of the bone then realigning the joint. Other toes may require pieces of bone removing.


Is only used in patient s who have significant deformities which stop doctors being able to shave the joints. There are limitations following this surgery such as wearing high heel shoes.

Excision arthroplasty

Is where the entire joint is removed and a false joint created. The joint is then pinned with wires which are removed some weeks after the surgery.

How can we help?

Negligence Claimline are specialists in compensation claims. We have helped many people make a claim in areas of failed bunion surgery. If your bunion surgery has gone wrong and the wires or false joint have cause problems or if your botched bunion surgery has caused further complications, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Here at Negligence Claimline our friendly team are here to help you get the support you need. Working with a panel of specialist medical negligence solicitors, we can assist you with your potential claim.

Sometimes an apology is enough, but in other cases compensation will be the only solution to help you get your life back on track.

Our service, putting you in contact with one of our expert panel members, is free and you are not obliged to take the advice the solicitor gives you, or to progress your claim any further if you do not wish.

Can I sue the NHS?

The NHS was created so that good healthcare should be available to all, and it is one of the country’s proudest achievements. However, if something goes wrong during your treatment you deserve answers and, where necessary, financial compensation.

We do not treat your claim lightly. However, the treatment you consider negligent must be considered unreasonable, irresponsible, and harmful.

When someone suffers an injury that impacts their live, or that of a loved one, then it is vital that the NHS has the procedures in place to both compensate the patient and learn from their mistakes.

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