Amputation of a body part can cause life-changing complications, which are sometimes avoidable. For details on amputation claims and compensation, get in touch.

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There are various medical conditions which may cause parts of the body to require amputation though usually amputation is the last resort. In some cases amputation is required because a doctor or consultant didn’t provide the correct treatment for your condition of the treatment you received was delayed

When a patient is incorrectly diagnosed, this often can lead to a delay in receiving treatment. If your diagnosis was delayed or if your treatment was started later than it should have been, you could have a claim for medical negligence

In order to bring a claim for clinical negligence, a specialist solicitor will have to prove two things:

  • Breach of Duty

This is where a healthcare professional didn’t follow procedures correctly

  • Causation

This is where the breach of duty caused either an injury to the patient or it made the condition worse

Common conditions which can cause the need for amputation include:


Diabetics are 15 times more likely to require amputation at some part during their life though with adequate treatment and care routines, amputations are avoidable. say that there are more than 20 leg, foot or toe amputations each day and four out of five are preventable.

Diabetes affects many areas of the body but in regards to the nerves specifically, diabetes can cause nerve damage (neuropathy). Nerve damage causes a loss of feeling and when this occurs in the feet or hands, diabetes sufferers do not know when they have sustained a cut or a blister. Often these minor injuries go on to cause serious infections and then amputation.


Amputations due to cancer happen commonly when bone cancer is present. It is often the only course of action left for sufferers to completely excise the cancer. It is of upmost importance that cancer is caught and treat at the earliest opportunity in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. Unfortunately misdiagnosed cancer claims are common.


Usually a condition called peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or bacteria causes an infection such as gangrene. PAD restricts the blood flow to the leg muscles and when blood flow is reduced to critical levels, tissue starts to die.

Surgical errors

Surgery to any part of the body carries a risk but when the part of the body contains a major artery, should that artery become damaged, the problems it may cause can be life changing. Damaging a major artery can lead to tissue death and eventually amputation unless the flow of blood is restored quickly.

On occasion, amputation of an incorrect body part happens. Hospitals call this type of incident a “never event” because it should never happen.

How can we help?

Here at Negligence Claimline our friendly team are here to help you get the support you need. Working with a panel of specialist medical negligence solicitors, we can assist you with your potential claim.

Sometimes an apology is enough, but in other cases compensation will be the only solution to help you get your life back on track.

Our service, putting you in contact with one of our expert panel members, is free and you are not obliged to take the advice the solicitor gives you, or to progress your claim any further if you do not wish.

Can I sue the NHS?

The NHS was created so that good healthcare should be available to all, and it is one of the country’s proudest achievements. However, if something goes wrong during your treatment you deserve answers and, where necessary, financial compensation.

We do not treat your claim lightly. However, the treatment you consider negligent must be considered unreasonable, irresponsible, and harmful.

When someone suffers an injury that impacts their live, or that of a loved one, then it is vital that the NHS has the procedures in place to both compensate the patient and learn from their mistakes.

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