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Posted on 10th May 2017

Cosmetic surgery patient death was avoidable

In inquest has heard how a mum of one died due to a sepsis infection which caused multiple organ failure after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The 32 year old mum had breast implant surgery at the Duchy Hospital in Truro in 2014 but developed a significant fungal lung infection. Experts said that the infection couldn’t have been predicted but it could have been treated.

The lady was thought to have a condition called lupus which meant that she was at an increased risk of developing infections. The antibiotics she was prescribed and taking for days after her surgery was likely to have made the infection worse.

Dr Ashley Croft commented “had antifungal therapy been given I think this lady would have been alive now”

Her husband told the inquest his wife “looked absolutely awful” and “could barely walk”. She had spoken with NHS 111 and also a GP who advised she didn’t need emergency attention and only had a viral infection.


The misdiagnosis of such a serious infection caused the avoidable death of this patient. Our advice centre article on sepsis shows how deadly infections can be but also how treatable the condition is.

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