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Posted on 24th April 2017

Consultant using experimental techniques harmed cancer patients

Urologist Dr Paul Miller burned away prostate cancer cells using an experimental technique causing almost 30 men serious and significant harm. Ten of the patients had since passed away but there is nothing to show that Dr Miller’s actions caused those deaths.

In 2008 nurses at the East Surrey Hospital repeatedly told bosses about their concerns but the hospital took another five years to act.

Many of Dr Miller’s former patients are now taking legal action against him for medical negligence.

Managers at the hospital were concerned about the clinician’s reputation and failed to challenge the consultant despite many opportunities to do so.

It has been reported that nurses were not listened to and managers failed to act because they were afraid of being accused of harassment. A management consultancy at East Surrey Hospital have confirmed that many of the harmed patients could have avoided the physical damage had bosses listened to nurses concerns.

The experimental treatment used by Dr Miller is called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU burns away cancerous cells in a less invasive manner than traditional surgery using a laser type probe.

Negligence Claimline says:

Given the opportunities this hospital had to investigate the concerns of fellow medical professionals it is unacceptable that the bosses claim they were worried about being accused of harassment.

Patient safety must be at the forefront of everyone working at any GP Surgery, Hospital or care provider.

Negligence Claimline have helped many people make a claim for medical negligence where a medical professional has not performed their duties to the best of their ability. This is called Breach of Duty and is a tort in Law terms.

In Clinical Negligence, Breach of Duty is established by applying the “Bolam Test”. When applied to a Medical Negligence compensation claim, it looks at the standard of care a responsible body of similarly qualified medical experts would provide performing the same service. If the service you received fell less than that standard of care, you may have cause to make a Clinical Negligence compensation claim.

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