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Posted on 21st April 2017

Incorrect antibiotics given to mum caused stillbirth

Mum contracted group B strep weeks before she was due to give birth and a mix-up caused her not to received antibiotics which could have saved her son.

When mum 34 started contractions three weeks before her due date, she visited Broomfield Hospital. A doctor at the hospital examined her and tested her for GBS.

As the lady was not in full labour she was sent home and the swabs sent to the lab for analysis. Three days later the test results were sent back to the hospital and it was found the mum was positive for GBS.

Whilst waiting for the test results to be returned, mum went into full blown labour and went to St Peter’s Hospital because Broomfield Hospital was too busy to take her. It was found that the test results had not been placed into her notes and midwives had not been told.

Had the mum been given a dose of antibiotics, her baby could have been saved. A post mortem revealed the baby boy died from a sepsis infection.


Had the hospital acted correctly, the devastating events that followed could have been avoided.

Our article on Sepsis shows how underestimated the dangers of this disease are.

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