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Posted on 19th April 2017

NHS faces hundreds of medical negligence claims over vaginal mesh implants

The NHS are facing over 800 claims of medical negligence because vaginal mesh implants caused injuries to women and their partners.

Made from a material called polypropylene, it is the same material used to make some plastic drinking bottles. The biggest manufacturer of the product is Johnson & Johnson and in an E-mail leaked to the press, it is suggested that they had known problems with the vaginal mesh implants existed since 2004.

The vaginal mesh implants are used following childbirth to treat incontinence and organ prolapse but many patients who have received the implant now complain of permanent pain, problems walking or during sexual intercourse.

One such sufferer was examined by a surgeon who reported he could see the mesh had cut through her vagina and was protruding out. She commented “The mesh had cut its way through like cheese-wire.” Another reported she had 53 hospital admissions to rectify the problems but the implant was so close to nerves that it could not be removed completely.

Other women have reported that the mesh implant had caused their partners to suffer injuries during sex.

Between April 07 and March 15 it is thought that over 92,000 vaginal mesh implants had been used and 1 in 11 implanted women have problems caused by the mesh. It is thought that if the current claims for medical negligence are successful, the NHS could face compensation claims in the tens of millions of pounds.

The US have seen claims for the same problems and the manufacturers have made pay-outs totalling several billion dollars.

Negligence Claimline Says:

Our panel of specialist Clinical Negligence solicitors are well used to running joint actions against manufacturers of faulty medical products.

Had Johnson & Johnson acknowledged their vaginal mesh implants had faults and recalled them, many of the sufferers could have avoided the significant pain and complications.

If you think you have suffered an injury because of faulty or failed vaginal mesh implants or the failure of medical devices contact us on 03303559210 or for a free claim assessment