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Posted on 18th April 2017

Lung cancer misdiagnosed repeatedly

A mother from the midlands has won her claim for medical negligence when doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed her lung cancer.

Ten years ago the 52 year old started with symptoms of breathlessness. When she saw her GP in 2007, she was prescribed an inhaler.

Later that year signs of lung cancer were present but ignored by doctors. The mum went to hospital because she had a slipped disk in her neck, she had an MRI Scan. That MRI scan showed clear signs of cancer but it was not reported.

In 2009 a diagnosis of bronchitis was made and in 2011 the mum was referred to a specialist consultant. She had a second scan but again she was not diagnosed with lung cancer.

After referral to another hospital and a further scan where lung cancer was again misdiagnosed, the lady was told the cancer was a fatty lump.

It wasn’t until 2013 that a suspicious lump was identified but by then she had to have a third of her right lung removed.

After investigation it was found that the lung cancer could and should have been diagnosed back in 2007.

Solicitor Neil Clayton of Lime Solicitors comments “Linda’s story is a tragic case which has had a catastrophic effect on Linda and her family.”


The earlier the diagnosis of any cancer is made, the better the potential outcome for the patient is. This is a prime example where a misdiagnosis of lung cancer has led to a delay in treatment being given.

That delay in treatment has now resulted in irreversible life shortening complications.

Our associated company, Stewart House Limited provided the reporting expertise to Lime Solicitors on this claim.

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