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Posted on 12th April 2017

Misdiagnosed meningitis victim's parents win legal battle

A failure to diagnose meningitis by GPs at a five year old’s doctors surgery caused the death of the infant.

The child died in February 2012 because GPs at the family’s practice didn’t recognise the symptoms of meningitis and failed to refer her to Accident and Emergency. Had an urgent referral been made, the little girl could have survived.

The child’s parents telephoned the out-of-hours doctors who diagnosed a stomach bug. She was then taken to the out-of-hours surgery because she had developed a rash on her tummy. After examination her parents were again told the child had a bug.

The following morning the girl’s parents took her to her own GP where again she was diagnosed with a bug. Whilst being driven to the A&E a short time after, the girl started fitting and screaming as she was in so much pain.

When the child arrived at Accident and Emergency, she underwent emergency surgery on her head to drain fluid from her brain but despite all efforts, the girl could not be saved.

The family have been awarded a five figure out of court settlement.

 Negligence Claimline Says:

Not only is it imperative that meningitis is not misdiagnosed, it is of upmost importance that there is not a delay in receiving treatment for meningitis.

There were three instances of incorrect diagnosis of meningitis where if made correctly, the tragic events that unfolded could have been avoided.

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