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Posted on 10th April 2017

Hospital delayed diagnosis of cancer

The man suffering with stage 3 cancer has instructed a solicitor to investigate the circumstances surrounding his delayed diagnosis of urethral cancer.

The music promotor claims that consultants at University College London Hospitals failed to carry out tests or examinations, misdiagnosed him with a skin condition then referred him to another doctor.

A second doctor diagnosed nappy rash and prescribed an antiseptic healing cream along with recommending he wear looser fitting underwear. The man’s wife recalls “One of the doctors said “You cannot be in that much pain if you have put your trousers on that quickly””

A tumour the size of a golf ball was found six months later in the man’s urethra.

His family are currently trying to raise funds which will be used to provide immunotherapy treatment in Mexico.


The earlier cancer is diagnosed generally the better the outcome for the patient will be.

Misdiagnosis of cancer happens quite often because the symptoms  can mirror other medical conditions. If cancer is misdiagnosed, often the treatment of cancer is also delayed which can cause devastating and life changing complications.

We have seen a rise in enquiries for patients where misdiagnosis of cancer or delayed treatment of cancer has happened. If you think that your cancer should have been diagnosed or treat earlier contact us on 0330 355 9210 or for a free claim assessment.