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Posted on 7th April 2017

Boy who caught meningitis as a newborn to receive a seven figure sum

A nine year old boy who contracted meningitis when he was just 6 weeks old has been awarded a pay-out of £4.6million after it was ruled that two GPs and a paramedic should have given antibiotics sooner. Had they done so the boy would not have suffered devastating brain damage.

As a result of the delay the boy now suffers from cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, deafness, epilepsy and problems with eyesight and needs 24 hour care.

The settlement will be used to provide the care and accommodation the boy needs for the rest of his life.

His solicitor Olivia Scates from the law firm JMW Solicitors LLP comments “This is an extremely tragic and distressing case as the lives of this boy and his family have been devastated”

Negligence Claimline Says:

Delays in receiving the correct treatment can set off a series of life changing events. Delayed diagnosis and treatment of conditions or injuries accounts for a high number of enquiries we receive.

This case is interesting because many people do not understand the Limitation Act. They think that they can no longer make a claim for clinical negligence because the events causing Cerebral Palsy happened too long ago.

We would advise that if the person who has Cerebral Palsy cannot manage their own money or look after themselves, there is a provision in the Limitation Act which may allow a claim to be made regardless of how long ago the events happened.

Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have successfully brought claims for Cerebral Palsy years after the tragic events happened.

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