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Posted on 3rd April 2017

Delayed life saving operation causes infant death

Surgeons at the hospital have confirmed that the boy’s death was avoidable and the hospital management had been warned about the operating theatre shortages.

 A hernia in his diaphragm was diagnosed after an X-ray was performed resulting in the child being transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for surgery.

 It is thought that his heart was put under too much pressure by the surrounding organs being squashed in his chest.

 The Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have admitted an “unacceptable delay” in performing surgery causing the avoidable death of the toddler. One surgeon at the hospital says he told the bosses at the hospital about the issues prior to the incident.

 Negligence Claimline says:

Delays in performing routine surgery can happen and might constitute medical negligence. When an urgent operation is delayed the consequences can be life changing.

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