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Posted on 18th July 2016

If you have a persistent cough see the doctor

Public Health England are urging people with a persistent cough, or those suffering breathlessness when carrying out every day activities, to see their doctor.

The new campaign is trying to raise awareness of conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease by making people aware of the warning signs.

The publicity is aimed at those over 50, who are at most risk from conditions such as coronary heart disease, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Public Health England believes that up to 1.7 million people in England could have one of the above conditions without knowing.

Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Health England’s national director for health and wellbeing, told the BBC: “This campaign will help people recognise the symptoms and encourage them to seek help, potentially saving lives from what are three of the biggest causes of death in England.”

With up to 1 million people thought to be suffering with COPD, Chief Executive of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Paula Chadwick, urges people to see their doctor.

 “Anyone with a cough for three weeks or more should go and see their GP to get it checked.

“You have nothing to lose by making the appointment and it could ultimately save your life.”

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