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Posted on 16th March 2017

Doctors missed 11 chances to save boy

A nine-year-old chess champion died from a chronic asthma attack just days after doctors discharged him from hospital describing him as “hysterical”.

An inquest has heard how Michael Uriely, was taken to the Royal Free Hospital in London twice in the days before his death in August 2015.

He was suffering from violent coughing and vomiting fits that left him struggling to breath and had been seen repeatedly by both NHS and private GPs.

Westminster coroner’s court was told how his mother, Ayelet, asked the private doctor, Michael Greenberg, about the chance of her son dying. He is alleged to have replied that Michael was “not in this category”. A claim Dr Greenberg denies. 

Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe said: “there were 11 opportunities within seven months to appropriately test, diagnose and treat”. 

Neil Thompson, a paediatric A&E doctor who treated Michael at the hospital told the court he believed that Michael had a “viral cough” and didn’t require further treatment. 

Mrs Uriely said that Michael was told he was “hysterical” and not having an asthma attack. Dr Thompson denies using the word “hysterical”.

Michael died after collapsing and never regaining consciousness.

The inquest continues.

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