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Posted on 19th July 2019

Boy Develops Cerebral Palsy After Preventable Brain Damage At Birth

A nine-year-old boy has received a multi-million-payout after suffering from preventable brain damage that led to cerebral palsy. The boy, born in 2010, was sent home from the hospital on the day he was born. However, he was sent home before results from a blood test had come back, showing he was at risk of developing jaundice.

Fourteen months later, the family were growing concerned over his development. Further tests, including brain scans, revealed the boy had suffered from kernicterus. This is a form of brain damage that occurs from untreated jaundice in newborns.

Consequently, from suffering from kernicterus, the boy then developed cerebral palsy. The boy now requires round-the-clock care, a specially adapted property as well as specialist therapy and equipment.

Following on from the diagnosis, the boy’s mother instructed medical negligence solicitors to look into the care that the boy received. Even though the mother raised concerns that her newborn son had jaundice, the staff made no arrangements. The hospital admitted that the boy should not have been sent home without first knowing the blood test results.

Consequently, the hospital and NHS trust admitted full liability for the mistake. Furthermore, it was found that the boy would not have suffered the injuries he had if he stayed in the hospital.

The judge concluded the injury was wholly avoidable and a settlement was issued to help the family move forward in the best was they possibly can.

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