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Posted on 15th July 2019

Woman Sues For Failure To Carry Out a Down's Syndrome Tests

A mother is suing the NHS for negligence after she did not receive checks on her unborn baby that would have revealed her baby had Down’s Syndrome. She believes that medics failed to carry out the tests on her unborn baby. If they did so, they would have discovered that her baby had Down’s Syndrome.

The mother is consulting medical negligence solicitors who classify this type of case as ‘wrongful birth’. The woman is suing the NHS for the increased financial costs of caring for her son with Down’s Syndrome and how it impacts her own ability to work. The woman said that no tests were carried out during her pregnancy. However, the mother was told of the condition of her newborn son after birth.

The mother was then described as very upset and angry after discovering her son had Down’s Syndrome, and she didn’t have the test. The woman said she would have terminated the foetus if she had known. The mother said that she was sure she wanted the Down’s Syndrome test and have informed herself about the screening process. The woman insists that she would not have made any other decision that accepting the screening if it had been offered.

The woman said; "I spoke with the midwife about Down's Syndrome screening. I had informed myself. I had watched a lot of videos and read about screening."

The hearing for the case continues.

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