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Posted on 12th July 2019

Woman Loses Tooth After Dentist Fails To Spot Decay

A 27-year-old woman has received £14,500 in compensation for dental negligence. The ordeal began for the woman in 2009 when she visited her dentist complaining of a toothache. However, the patient had seen the same dentist since 2004. The first course of treatment that the dentist suggested as a filling. This helped the pain of the toothache to subside. However, in 2010, the pain returned.

The pain from the toothache occurred around the site of the filling that the dentist had added the previous year. The second time of visiting for the toothache, the dentist recommended root canal treatment. However, a few years later, the woman was eating when half of the troubled tooth fell out.

After making an emergency dentist appointment, the woman saw a different dentist. They told the woman that the tooth would either need another root canal treatment or it needed extracting. The patient was told that her dentist had not removed the decay of the tooth and instead just put a filling over the top. This then caused the decay to spread to the gum.

The woman had to have her tooth removed in 2017.

After the difficulties in treatment, the patient contacted dental negligence solicitors. The solicitors found that dental decay was clearly visible in the X-rays the dentist took. The dentist failed to remove this clearly visible decay then.

The patient was upset that all of the issues and pain she had were so easily avoidable. The dentist paid compensation through an out of court settlement; however, did not admit liability.

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