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Posted on 10th July 2019

Woman Sterilised Without Permission

During the birth of her second child, medics discovered that the mother was suffering a life-threatening condition during her pregnancy. As a result, the woman gave birth through a C-section. However, when she woke up from the operation, she discovered that her fallopian tubes had been removed. The patient did not consent to the sterilisation before the surgery.

After being told about the procedure, the woman was heartbroken as she wanted to have more children. She also stressed from the beginning that she did not consent to the procedure. Furthermore, she was told that the procedure definitely wouldn’t have been done that day.

Before the C-section, the procedure of sterilisation was discussed. However, the patient did not agree to the operation, and medics assured her that it definitely wouldn’t happen that day. The woman said this was because she would need to discuss the procedure with her partner. She also argued that this was not something that can be discussed the day before having a baby.

The patient also claimed the sterilisation impacted her chance to bond with her new baby. Stating that she was inconsolable that she would never get a chance to have another child, she struggled to enjoy the first few precious days with her new baby.

The Leeds NHS Trust paid the patient £25,000 in compensation for the mistake that they made by sterilising the patient without consent.

A spokesperson said; “We acknowledge the impact that this has had on the patient. We wrote to her at the time of her claim settlement to apologise for shortcomings in our consent process.”

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