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Posted on 24th June 2019

Mental Health Trust Admits Failings For Patient In Prison

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has been fined after failings in care for a patient situated in the hospital wing of a prison. The patient was considered a high-risk patient and deemed ‘grossly psychotic’. After attempting suicide in the general wing of the prison, the patient, aged just 19 years old, was transferred to the hospital wing of the prison.

However, during his time in the hospital wing, the patient was not sufficiently monitored or treated. The patient then took his own life and was found dead in his prison cell. A report found that despite the patient being a high-risk patient, there was confusion in the care he required.

As a result, the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust admitted in the sentencing that they failed to provide safe care and treatment. Throughout their own investigation, the trust found that there were clear failings in the patient’s care.

The fine the trust receive is being described by the Care Quality Commission as a; "a clear message that people in prison have the same right to high-quality mental healthcare as any other member of our society".

The NHS trust added; "The safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people under our care is of the utmost importance. This includes acknowledging when things have gone wrong, learning from this and taking action."

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