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Posted on 19th June 2019

Baby Only Diagnosed With Sepsis After A Five Day Hospital Stay

A mother is seeking legal advice from medical negligence solicitors after medics failed to spot the signs of sepsis in a 10-month-old baby. The issue began when the baby woke with a high temperature. After giving the baby medication, the baby boy still had a high temperature.

After a day of monitoring, the parents took the baby to the out of hours surgery. However, there was no real diagnosis. The medics advised parents to continue giving their child Calpol and Nurofen. However, they were not taking the temperature down. The next day, the parents returned to the out of hours surgery but were sent home as the vital signs were normal.

The next morning, the baby became lifeless and pale. The parents were denied an emergency GP appointment, but given an afternoon appointment. By this point, the baby’s lips were blue, and he was shivering. The doctor called for an ambulance and put an oxygen mask on the baby.

The baby was rushed to hospital. However, the parents felt medics did not complete a thorough check and but the condition down as suspected tonsillitis. Medics gave the baby an antibiotic. After a night, the baby’s condition had not improved, so paramedics were called. They checked his vital signs again and said he didn’t need further treatment.

Not trusting medical advice, the parents took the baby to Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children. They applied an antibiotic through a line to the baby; after a blood test, they found the baby had an exceptionally high infection level. After five days at the hospital, the baby was finally diagnosed with sepsis and the correct treatment given.

The parents are seeking legal advice about the situation and warning parents to trust their instincts if doctors dismiss symptoms.

What Negligence Claimline say

Sepsis can be life-threatening, and early diagnosis is essential for correct treatment and to ensure the best results for the patient. If you have suffered from a delayed sepsis diagnosis, then you may have suffered from negligence. Find out if you have a claim by talking to our medical negligence solicitors. Receive your free claims assessment by getting in touch.