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Posted on 17th June 2019

Patient Undergoes Surgery Twice After Wire Left In Body

A stray medical wire was left in a patient’s body after surgery, which is classed as a ‘never event’ by the NHS. The incident took place at the Royal Stoke University Hospital and is a blunder classed as so serious and preventable that it should never happen. It was only when the patient underwent a CT scan that the medics found that the wire was still there.

After finding the mistake on the CT scan, the patient then had to undergo surgery again to remove the wire. The report found that the patient suffered from pain after the initial surgery due to the presence of the guide wire. The guide wire was left in place after the insertion of a temporary catheter.

In the report, it was found; "Due to the patient having some pain and discomfort a CT scan was arranged which highlighted the retained piece of guide wire

This incident was the third never event that has been reported by the trust. The other never events that the trust was responsible for include a retained swab and using incorrect blood during a transfusion.

The trust is reviewing the incident and ensuring there are lessons learnt from the mistake to reduce the chance of it happening again.

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