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Posted on 14th June 2019

Man Dies After Doctor Says Patient Is Fine To Fly

A 57-year-old man from the UK has died from a heart attack in Portugal, days after seeking medical advice. The man visited a GP after having a strange sensation in his chest as well as complaining of breathlessness. The patient asked if he was well enough to travel, and the GP said he was fine to go abroad.

A few days into the holiday in Portugal, the patient was still feeling unwell and visited a local clinic. The doctors found that the patient’s arteries were blocked, and he was immediately transferred to the hospital for a heart bypass. However, sadly, the patient died just four days later from a rare complication in surgery.

The inquest found that the patient would probably still be alive if the GP advised the patient to stay at home. Furthermore, if the patient had been told not to travel by the locum GP, he would have remained at home and not gone on holiday. Instead, the GP put the patient’s symptoms down to anxiety and stress.

The GP said that visiting A&E for a heart test was not necessary and did not think the symptoms were cardiac caused, despite a strong family history of heart problems. The week before the man saw the GP, the patient was getting out of breath frequently and struggling to exercise.

Medical negligence solicitors have been supporting the family during the difficult time and have been investigating the circumstances into his death.

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