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Posted on 20th May 2019

Doctor Poisons Patient With Ongoing Negligent Care

A doctor has caused a patient to die after persistent ongoing negligent care. The patient died after the doctor prescribed a toxic cancer drug that meant the patient was poisoned ‘drip by drip’. A dermatologist first treated the patient in 1999, where he was correctly given the drug, methotrexate.

Taking over from the dermatologist, the doctor continued to treat the patient with the same drug. The patient received 23 repeat prescriptions of the drug over twelve years as a way to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. However, the doctor did not study the medication guidelines. The doctor also did not monitor the effects of the drug on the patient’s liver.

The drug weakened the patient’s immune system. After falling ill, the patient was diagnosed with liver disease, hepatitis, bone marrow failure, acute gastrointestinal bleeding and cirrhosis. The patient’s family claimed he suffered ‘gravely’ before his death, even finding it difficult to climb stairs.

The patient died in 2016. An inquest found that the patient died from cirrhosis of the liver due to methotrexate toxicity.

The doctor admitted failing the seek advice and failing to monitor the patient’s blood count and liver function. Consequently, the doctor is admitting full responsibility for the death of the patient. Furthermore, the doctor may be struck off from the General Medical Council.

What Negligence Claimline Say

Persistent medical negligence can be heart-breaking for the patient and their loved ones to come to terms with as there is full knowledge that more could have been done to improve their symptoms and save their life. Sometimes compensation is the only way for people to get their lives back on track after a tragedy such as this.

If you have suffered from persistent medical mistakes and negligence, then you may be entitled to claim compensation and deserve to seek answers for the treatment that fell below standards. Find out if you have a claim with our free claims assessment.