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Posted on 17th May 2019

Woman Dies From Blood Clot After Not Receiving Life Saving Medication

A 36-year-old woman died 17 days after a tummy tuck and breast enhancement surgery at a private hospital in London. The woman, who had a family history of blood clots, collapsed at her home after surgery and later died from complications of the operation.

An inquest into her death found that, while her family medical history indicated blood clots, she was not prescribed anticoagulant drugs to thin the blood and help to prevent clots. Instead, the patient was prescribed just a single dose of the anticoagulant drug to cover her during her two-day stay in hospital.

At the inquest, the coroner found that there was a delay in the patient receiving the drug at the hospital. Furthermore, a prescription for a second dose was not administered. An assessment before her surgery found that she had a family history of DVT, with both her sister and grandmother suffering from deep vein thrombosis as a result of blood clots in the past.

The coroner added that it was ‘risky’ of the cosmetic surgery company not to prescribe the patient with the drugs. Not only with the risk of family history but of the fact that the tummy tuck would have reduced her mobility during recovery which makes a blood clot more likely.

The cosmetic surgery company have since said they have improved their protocols since the patient’s death.

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