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Posted on 13th May 2019

Multi Million Pound Settlement For Boy With Brain Damage

A nine-year-old boy has received a multi-million-pound compensation settlement after a legal battle at the High Court against a children’s hospital. The boy was left brain damaged as well as permanently disabled after medics failed to diagnose an infection when he was a baby.

The family initially rejected the first settlement sum put forward by the hospital as it was less than half of their claim and was not enough to give their child the lifelong care that he needs. The hospital then apologised to the family in court for the failings made by the medical staff which caused the injuries to the boy.

The issue happened when the boy was 11 months old and suffered a brain stem injury. This is an injury that should not have occurred as medical staff should not have waited three days to investigate the complication during which the boy’s health got progressively worse.

The infection caused the boy with several difficulties. The boy has quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and is unable to speak. The court approved the multi-million-pound settlement as it was in the boy’s best interest to get the care and support he needs to live a fulfilling life.

The payment will help the child to go to a specialist school as well as providing the transport to travel the 80km from his home to school and back.

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