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Posted on 10th May 2019

Six Year Old Boy Dies After Father Couldnt Get Hold Of A GP

A father has lost his six-year-old son after struggling to get through to a GP or NHS 111 Service after his son began complaining of abdominal pain. The father spent six hours trying to get through to get the right medical help for his son. However, the boy’s condition deteriorated, and the parent had to call 999 for an ambulance. Sadly, the boy could not be saved. He lost his life due to a bowel condition which was treatable.

The ordeal began over the weekend, where it was believed the child had a stomach bug. However, by Monday, there was no sign of improvement, and the parent rang the NHS Helpline 111 at 8 am. The helpline advisor asked the parent to contact their GP surgery. However, when he called the GP surgery, it was closed, and the automated message said to call 111.

The man then rang 111 again but was then told to wait until the GP surgery was open. After ringing several times over the course of an hour. The father eventually got through to a receptionist at the GP surgery who said that a duty GP would phone back.

By lunchtime, the duty GP did not phone back, so the father called the GP surgery again. However, at this time the practice was closed for lunch, and his call could not get through.

The patient’s condition then began to deteriorate, and the boy started to have fits. The father called 999. However, the boy suffered a cardiac arrest and died shortly afterwards in the hospital.

An inquest found that had the family got through to a medical professional; they would have been able to pick up on the warning signs the child displayed immediately. Investigations also found that the handover relationship between GP surgeries and the NHS helpline need to be improved and clarified.

What Negligence Claimline say

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