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Posted on 8th May 2019

Woman Dies After Being Sent Home From Hospital With Brain Haemorrhage

A 38-year-old woman has died just several hours after a doctor sent her home. The GP thought the symptoms the woman showed did not warrant a hospital referral. After being sent home, she died within 24 hours.

The patient visited her GP after having crippling headaches. Expecting a referral to the hospital for a brain scan, the patient’s family were baffled when she was sent home. Later, the woman died from a major stroke, brain haemorrhage and blood clot.

The issue was made worse by the fact the patient had a medical history of illnesses and had suffered from headaches in the past. Earlier in the year, the woman had miscarried twins due to a serious illness where she also ended up in a coma for five weeks. It was considered incredible that the woman had survived at all after being in intensive care for such a long time.

However, six months later, the patient’s condition had improved. Sadly, shortly after, she began to suffer from pounding headaches. Furthermore, she struggled to hold objects and speak.

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