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Posted on 3rd May 2019

Patients Miss Out On Surgery After Being Deleted From The Waiting List

A number of patients may have missed out on major surgery due to an administrative error that meant patients were missed off the waiting list for surgery. The incident occurred at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, with a number of Tetbury patients not being added to the waiting list for surgery. The error has caused an unnecessarily long delay for patients with serious injuries or illness which could have been made worse by the delay.

One patient was put on the waiting list in 2017 and was told by a consultant surgery would be in six to twelve months. The patient contacted the hospital in November 2018, over a year later wondering when they could expect surgery and were told that they were not on the waiting list at all.

The hospital staff told the patient that there had been a processing error for a large number of patients were received their initial treatment in Tetbury.

As a result, many patients will be unaware that they are not on the list for surgery and may be waiting an excessively long time which could worsen their symptoms and reduce their quality of life.

The Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust and Tetbury Hospital Trust have released a joint statement which admitted that some patients had experienced avoidable delays for treatment. The statement said it was regretful that patients have suffered avoidable delays while being transferred between Tetbury Hospital and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The NHS trusts are now reviewing their processes to ensure this situation doesn’t happen again.

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