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Posted on 18th April 2019

Patient Dies After Pharmacy Dispense The Wrong Medication

A 65-year-old woman has died after a pharmacy error meant that she received the wrong medication. The woman was prescribed an increased dose of a medication called amitriptyline to treat shingles pain. However, the patient received amlodipine through a pharmacy mistake.

A week after picking up the prescription from the pharmacy, the woman died in hospital. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society said that the two drugs, amitriptyline and amlodipine were high on their list of drugs that are mixed up. Furthermore, a warning letter was sent to the pharmacy only a few weeks before the incident.

The pharmacy staff that made the mistake claim that they were rushed off their feet, and had processed over 300 prescriptions by the time they made the error.

By the time the patient was admitted to hospital she had a very low blood pressure reading of 80/50mmHg, she was feeling very confused and short of breath. It was discovered that pharmacy staff had stuck a label for amitriptyline on the box of amlodipine.

What Negligence Claimline say

Due to the adverse effects that receiving the wrong prescription in place, many pharmacies have a system in place that verifies and double-checks the prescription before it is issued. However, in some cases, pharmacies make a mistake in this process, and the wrong prescription is dispensed.

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