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Posted on 17th April 2019

Hip Operation Mistake Left Blind Woman Housebound For Months

A 76-year-old woman was left housebound for over 13 weeks after recovering from a botched hip operation. Due to her recovery, the blind woman also had to give up her guide dog during this time. The patient claims the error that caused the botched hip operation was a ‘silly mistake’.

The issue began when the woman fell down the stairs in her home. She was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary. Here, the woman received an x-ray; this showed that she had broken her left hip and right ankle.

While the ankle was fixed successfully, the problem lay in the surgery for the hip. Clinicians had decided to use a long nail to repair the hip because there was a national supply shortage. However, the long nail was too big for the patient, so clinicians selected a shorter nail. This nail should have been checked by the operating surgeon and scrub nurse, which is the procedure. However, it was actually checked by the theatre circulator and an orthopaedic specialist registrar.

The nail was implanted into the hip; however, it was then discovered that the nail had begun to bow backwards. As a result, it had perforated part of the joint. Medics then checked the packaging and realised the wrong nail had been used. Surgeons then set about removing the nail with difficulty as it had cold welded. They then had to replace the nail with the correct part.

Due to the damage caused during the surgery, an additional metal plate was needed. The patient had been in theatre for a prolonged period.

The issue has been described as a never event, as it is was largely preventable so that it should have never happened.

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