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Posted on 15th April 2019

Woman Dies After Receiving Wrong Medication At Care Home

An inquest is being held into the death of a 95-year-old woman who died in her care home just hours after receiving the wrong medication due to a mix-up. The woman died in her room at her care home in London the morning after receiving the wrong medication.

The woman was a patient in the care home as she had dementia. She had lived there for ten years, and despite having dementia, she was described to be in reasonable health. The evening before her death, the patient was given medication that was meant for another resident through a mistake by a nurse.

The patient took two pills that were used to treat high blood pressure. The patient took Ramipril and Bisoprolol. Both of which were described as a risk to the health of the patient. The nurse immediately realised the mistake. The nurse then assisted the patient in trying to vomit the drugs in the hope of removing some of the medication from her system.

The nurses of the care home monitored her through the night. She was described as talkative, going to sleep at 3.30 am. She awoke at 7 am and complained of feeling unwell; she died just half an hour later.

An inquest found that the secondary cause of death was the incorrect medication. The Care and Quality Commission said that; “the medication had a more than minimal contribution to Mrs Hammond’s death.

Since the death, the care home has changed the way it records and administers medication to patients.

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