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Posted on 10th April 2019

Baby Dies After Five Fatal Medical Negligence Failures

A 23-month-old baby has died at Kettering General Hospital after a number of failures meant that basic medical care was not administered effectively. During the inquest, many nursing and medical staff admitted that the errors were ‘unacceptable’.

The baby died from multiple organ failure caused by hyponatraemic dehydration and sepsis. The coroner ruled that neglect contributed to the patient’s death.

One failure including ordering a blood test after the baby collapsed. However, the test was not completed until 6 pm. By the time the results were back, it was too late to do anything to save the patient.

Another failure includes the fact that medics failed to notice that the patient had a negative fluid balance. It was not noticed that the patient had more fluid out than going in. This was because nappies were not weighed in a timely fashion, with one wait for over five hours. If the medics had noticed the negative fluid balance and actioned it accordingly; the patient would not have died.

Furthermore, the consultant ordered the end to the hydrocortisone drip that was helping the patient to fight the infection. However, this should have been continued for four to five days. Two medical experts at the inquest believed this decision contributed to the death of the patient.

After the tragic death of the patient, the NHS trust and hospital have implemented a number of new measures to prevent the same mistakes and failures from happening again. The hospital also extends its sincere condolences to the family of the baby girl.

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