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Posted on 13th March 2019

Doctor Error Means Father Didnt Receive Potential Life-Saving Treatment

A 52-year-old father of two tragically missed out on potentially life-saving treatment due to a doctor error in completing paperwork. Following surgery for a double kidney transplant, the doctor treating the patient failed to provide the potentially life-saving treatment due to a transcription error.

The patient underwent a double kidney transplant. However, these kidneys were infected with Cytomegalovirus (SMV). Without the correct treatment, this virus can be fatal to high-risk patients.

CMV in kidney transplants is common, and around 25% of donor kidneys contain CMV. As a result, patients who have CMV donor kidneys will receive 100 days of treatment following the diagnosis. Even after the 100 days of treatment, around 50% of patients will still have CMV detected in their blood, and then 36% go on to suffer from CMV disease.

A month after surgery, the patient began suffering stomach pains and had a blood test which showed a positive result for CMV. Despite the doctor knowing about the infection in the kidneys, the doctor failed to correctly record the detail in the patient’s notes due to a transcription error.

If the patient’s note had listed a record for CMV, then the patient would have received an extensive course of prophylaxis which can not only treat the virus but prevent it from spreading. Sadly, because this life-saving treatment was not provided, the patient died of multiple organ failure just a few short months after surgery.

The patient’s family also claim that the patient was not aware of the risks of CMV with donor kidneys. They say that if the patient did know about the dangers, he would not have gone ahead with the procedure.

Following on from the failure in care and professional errors made, the family are launching legal action so that lessons can be learned.

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