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Posted on 26th December 2018

Patient Dies After Receiving Ten Times Recommended Drug Dose

A 54-year-old patient has died at Colchester Hospital after receiving ten times the recommended dose of blood-thinning drugs. The patient was admitted to hospital for surgery to remove a blood clot. However, after surgery, the patient received an accidental overdose which was described as ‘more than minimally contributed’ to the patient’s death.

The patient at Colchester Hospital initially received an elective aortic bifemoral bypass which was meant to increase the blood flow to the patient’s legs. The patient then returned to theatre for a second operation. However, during the procedure, medics administered 30,000 units of the blood-thinning drug Heparin. However, the patient was meant to receive only 3,000 units.

While the error was spotted, and the patient underwent multiple operations to help his condition, he died three days later. The East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust who are responsible for Colchester Hospital said they were deeply sorry for the issue.

A spokesperson for the NHS trust said; “We are deeply sorry for the errors made and the tragic outcome. We have apologised unreservedly to Mr Bradbury's family for the tragic incident.”

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