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Posted on 30th November 2018

Never Event Occurs As Patient Receives Wrong Prosthesis During Surgery

A never event has taken place at Royal Bournemouth Hospital in the last few months. The NHS describes never events as incidents that are so serious that they should never occur. Furthermore, never events are considered the worst form of mistake. This is because never event mistakes are entirely preventable. After releasing the information, Royal Bournemouth Hospital said that they intended to learn from the incident and subsequent investigation.

The never event occurred during knee surgery. A patient was undergoing surgery when they were given an incorrect prosthesis. The primary cause of the incident is poor labelling on the packaging which caused the error to be made. Poor packaging has been an issue that has been recognised across NHS trusts.

The surgeon spotted the mistake halfway through the procedure and was quickly corrected. This meant that there was no harm brought to the patient.

As a result of the never event, an investigation was launched. Firstly, the hospital raised concerns about packaging to the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency. Secondly, the hospital has added additional checks to reduce the risk of it happening again. In the county of Dorset, this is the seventh never event to occur since April 2018.

What Negligence Claimline Say

While never events may not always cause physical harm, they can inflict psychological trauma on the patient. It is essential for medical staff to follow the correct procedures to prevent never events from occurring. If you have suffered physical or psychological harm as a result of a never event, then you may be able to seek compensation.

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