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Posted on 26th January 2017

Former Miss England left fighting for her life during botched boob job

Danielle Lloyd has appeared on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies to try and fix her botched boob job.

In 2012 she underwent surgery to fix her breast implant that had exploded. Danielle said she lost six pints of blood during the surgery and was left fighting for her life.

 “I had a massive blood clot in my chest and almost died. I lost six pints of blood. It was serious”, said Danielle.

Danielle has had nine different surgeries to fix her breast implants, which she said had previously left her feeling “disgusted” with her body.

After she was rushed to hospital with her exploded implant she was left with a chunk out of her breast which she felt made them look “deformed”.

After £30,000 of surgery she is finally happy with the result. 

"It's been a long and stressful process but we got there in the end.

"I've had problems with surgeons in the past, I've wanted one thing and they've advised another, so you've got to be really careful and make sure you're getting what you want to get.

"I've had so much surgery over the last 10 years, that I've realise me and surgery are not friends. We need to stay away from each other. Hopefully fingers crossed never, ever, ever again."

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