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Posted on 28th November 2018

Boy Undergoes Second Surgery After Botched Operation

A 12-year-old boy who has epilepsy, learning disabilities and Asperger’s syndrome received a botched operation at Ninewells Hospital. The patient was admitted to the hospital to undergo surgery for a gastrojejunal tube to connect the stomach and the small intestine. However, surgeons then discovered that they had made a mistake during surgery.

The surgeons had fitted the wrong equipment to his abdomen. The operation took over 150 minutes to complete. It was not until the boy was back in the ward until his mother and the nurses noticed that the procedure was completed incorrectly.

24 hours later, the boy was taken back to theatre for corrective surgery. However, the patient was incredibly traumatised about having the receive anaesthetic again. The boy had to be sedated in the ward before the second procedure took place.

The staff at the hospital apologised for the error. However, the family has subsequently submitted a complaint to the health board. This is because the family believe it is unacceptable to put a child who isn’t well under anaesthetic twice in less than 24 hours especially as the gastro issue that the patient suffers from has no confirmed diagnosis.

What Negligence Claimline Say

Every operation and anaesthetic carry risk, even for people who are fit and healthy. However, for patients who are unwell, an anaesthetic can be traumatic for the body and often carries a higher risk. Surgeons could have avoided this additional trauma by correctly completing the procedure on the first time.

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