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Posted on 20th January 2017

Two walk-in centres to close to free up funds for other services

Two sites in Bury and Prestwich in Greater Manchester will shut so resources can be used elsewhere. 

The closures are part of a shake up to move resources to NHS 111, GP surgeries and A&E departments.

Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) approved the plan earlier because they believed that the popular service was confusing and the changes would direct patients to the “right care”.

More than 2,000 people signed a petition to save Moorgate Primary Care Centre and Prestwich Walk-In centre.

The protesters said the group had “ignored” their concerns. The CCG’s survey on the closures, 83% of over 1000 people who took part disagreed with the closure plans.

Andy Walker, from Ramsbottom, who is campaigning against the changes, told the BBC: "The CCG has completely ignored the results of that engagement exercise. Basically people in Bury will have to rely on the 111 service."

CCG Chairman Dr Kiran Patel said that many people go to walk-in centres for minor illnesses.

"There is undoubtedly some duplication because people don't know which service is best for them," he said.

Under the new systems there will be a virtual clinical hub to provide a local response to NHS 111 calls. 

The current walk-in centres will remain as healthcare sites to deliver services as part of an integrated model of care in A&E departments at Fairfield General Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital.

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