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Posted on 28th May 2018

Inappropriate Shoulder Implant Causes Pain For Patient

After a car accident 20 years ago, a 38-year-old man from Wokingham has suffered from many shoulder problems, including several shoulder dislocations. To increase the patient’s mobility and to reduce the number of difficulties he faced, doctors decided a shoulder replacement would be the best course of action.

The surgery was conducted at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust. A polyaryletherketone implant was used in the operation, also known as a PEEK implant. The surgery was considered a success and the patient was discharged. However, weeks after the surgery, the patient suffered from increasing shoulder pain and a restricted range of movement.

Due to the symptoms, surgeons decided to remove the implant. The patient then found out that the implant used in the surgery potentially contained material that was not authorised for use in the shoulder joint. Since the error in surgery, the patient has had a further six operations on his shoulder, with at least two more operations planned for the future.

As these shoulder problems have had a profound impact on the patient’s life and some of the operations could have been avoided, the patient is seeking help from medical negligence specialists. The patient is determined to find answers and whether the implant used in surgery should not have been considered.

The investigation will work to find out the truth about any failings in care the patient has received and whether the NHS Trust can learn valuable lessons for the future. So far, the NHS Trust has apologised for the patient’s experience while under their care and say they are committed to improving the quality of care by making sure all lessons are learned from the case.

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