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Posted on 23rd May 2018

Baby Accidentally Decapitated During Delivery

A recent medical tribunal has found that a doctor caused an unborn baby die as a result of unintentional decapitation. During a complicated birth as a result of the baby’s breech position the consultant gynaecologist then accidentally decapitated the unborn baby while inside the mother’s womb.

The medical tribunal also heard that the doctor failed to provide adequate pain relief to the patient and ignored the requests to stop while the mother was giving birth. The doctor is accused of choosing the wrong course of labour despite having the knowledge of several complications.

The consultant gynaecologist has said to have chosen a vaginal birth despite a Caesarean being safer, given that the baby was premature and in breech position. The doctor also proceeded despite the patient not being in established labour and her cervix was no more than 4cm dilated.

During the birth, the patient was told to push while the doctor applied movement to the legs of the baby. This movement caused the head to become detached, and the baby died while inside the womb.

As the head was left inside the womb after the birth, doctors then had to perform a Caesarean section to remove the head from the womb. As an act of compassion, doctors then reattached the head so that the mother could hold her baby and say goodbye.

During the birth, the midwives noticed the patient’s extreme distress and it was not until after she said goodbye to the baby did the patient find out the full extent of what had happened to her baby. The patient did not receive any pain relief or instruction about the birth. However, the doctor denies contributing to the death of the baby.

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