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Posted on 21st May 2018

Diabetic Dies After Multiple Hospital Failings

Health watchdogs have claimed that a diabetic man died unnecessarily after a catalogue of serious and avoidable failings at Hairmyres Hospital. As a result of the investigation, NHS Lanarkshire was forced to apologise to the family of the man for their shortcomings and lack of care.

The man died as a result of diabetes complications after being admitted to Hairmyres Hospital to have his leg amputated. During his time in the hospital, the patient developed a severe condition called diabetic ketoacidosis as his body began to run out of insulin. It was found that the staff at the hospital failed to monitor his blood sugar and did not respond to treating low or high blood sugars.

Another failing occurred when a cardiac examination was not carried out. If the examination were conducted, medical staff would have known that the patient had a serious heart condition when he was admitted to the High Dependency Unit at the hospital.

A further failing was discovered that the patient was moved out of the unit, despite the patient’s health deteriorating. It was also noted that medical staff failed to treat the patient promptly. This was made worse by the patient potentially contracting sepsis, and personnel failed to recognise the symptoms, and there was a delay in beginning the necessary treatment.

As a result of the serious failings, the health board gave NHS Lanarkshire a deadline to complete staff training in relation to diabetic emergencies. Further recommendations were made and implemented across all of the hospitals in NHS Lanarkshire’s remit.

What Negligence Claimline say

When diabetes is not adequately monitored, or treated, it can have a devastating and life-changing effect on the patient. It is estimated that one in every 17 people have diabetes. With this in mind, you expect medical staff to be knowledgeable about treatment. Sadly, in the case above, the patient was let down by a lack of care and his family are now suffering as a result.

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