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Posted on 15th May 2018

Lack Of Care Led To Sepsis Death

A 45-year-old father died from sepsis at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, after medical staff failed to diagnose his condition as sepsis. The patient was admitted to the hospital in great pain but was only given paracetamol and left to wait. He was let down by lack of care, despite having common sepsis symptoms. He died six days after admission.

A few weeks before going to the hospital, the patient was prescribed steroids as he was diagnosed with a rheumatological condition. Weeks later, the man was suffering from stomach pains and flu-like symptoms. It was at this point he attended A&E.

Despite being confirmed as a priority case in A&E, the patient was left to wait in a corridor for over an hour without any pain relief. After crying out in pain, he was given paracetamol. His family believed he wasn’t given the appropriate care because he was admitted over a Bank Holiday weekend.

Despite showing signs of sepsis, such as purple and mottled skin, nurses diagnosed the symptom as a reaction to morphine. As well as this, it was 54 hours from admission until he was seen by a consultant even though he was admitted as a priority.

Eventually, the infection was diagnosed, doctors chose to operate on the patient in a bid to remove what they believe was an infection in the bowel. When medics began surgery, they found that his entire digestive system had rotted away because of sepsis. As a result, the patient died in agony with multiple organ failure.

The Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust apologised to the family for the care that they failed to provide the patient and his family. The hospital has since instigated a number of actions to improve the care for sepsis patients.

What Negligence Claimline Say

Sadly, sepsis kills around 35,000 people in the UK every single year. While hospitals make sepsis a high priority, and often display lots of informational posters about the condition, sometimes misdiagnosis and delayed treatment can happen, as it did with the patient above. For an in-depth view on sepsis, visit our infographic here

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